What Make Us Different

Easily Customize Cookies with Lettering!

CookieDECO™ are perfect for adding initials or monograms to any sweet treat! Create any name or message on cakes, cookies, or plaques without having to trace and pipe, or hand-paint. Super-fast and flawless!!

Fast & Easy Even For Beginner!

This will be the most used stencil in your decorating arsenal! It is precise & easy to use, perfect template for airbrushing work or using royal icing for cake, cookie and other pastry!

Food-Safe & Reusable!

With 3 different styles of letters to choose from, these reusable stencil sets include upper and lowercase letters with numbers. All stencils are laser cut on high quality food grade plastic and can be used with any confectionery medium!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amaan Mathews
Very good

I used for decorated baby show cookies

Shereen Dorsey
Five Stars

exactly what I wanted. Thank you

Iylah Marriott
Great for making decoration

Great purchase. Was very handy in making cookies decoration. Love to fonts.

Keeley Aldred
Great purchase!

Great purchase! I use these to stencil letters on my macarons. They work so well! The S does look like an & sign tho, but I didn’t mind!

Farhana Tanner
Excellent Buy!

I loved these letters for cakes and cookies! I have a hard time with my handwriting and these perfect. Some of the letters are small enough for cookies as well. Must have if you are a baker

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use stencils without airbrush?

No problem! All you need is a can of food-safe color spray and a thick royal icing. You can place the stencil directly on dry royal icing and gently hold in place.

What kind of icing do you use for cookie stencils?

Start with a stencil - you want to pick one that fits nicely inside your cookie shape. You also will need some royal icing.

How do you stencil buttercream on cookies or cakes?

Take your stencil and place it on your cake, shortening side down. Take a piping bag of frosting and carefully fill in the stencil with your desired color of buttercream. You may also use a frosting spatula to gently smooth out the frosting. Carefully remove the stencil from the cake.

What consistency should royal icing stencil be?

Place the stencil over the icing. Apply medium consistency icing to the edge of a thin, flexible spreader. Spread a thin layer of icing over the stencil.